• Thursday, September 19, 2019

    write for AmsterDOCollaborate

  • * No Plagiarism- Texts which are simply copied or poorly paraphrased from other sources will not be accepted. Needless to say, punctuation, grammar and editing should also be the top of your priorities.

    * Most articles should be between 300- 700 words. We are flexible however and more complex topics or interviews will be given an extension.

    * Think inside the box, the must-do activities, the must- know facts about Amsterdam. Then, think outside the box, the hidden, the exclusive, the undiscovered. Although we always need the basic info on Amsterdam we also look for originality, insight and freshness.

    * A lot of info can be found on forums around the internet, these may be good for your first hand research but always use reliable sources, official websites, newspapers and approved city guides for the facts. If necessary acknowledge the source (especially important when quoting newspapers).

    * We are here to offer an easy way around Amsterdam, so use your online writing to take your readers straight there: when possible  (and appropriate) include links, dates, addresses and/or phone numbers. This is especially relevant for Top 5 articles, Club reviews, Events Updates etc.

    * When interviewing: be fair to your interviewees, always outline their credits and watch out for the editing!

    * When writing more extensive pieces, eg. Insight or Feature articles: if possible (and applicable) get a quote or two in, try to contact a spokesman or an authority on the matter, we love exclusive info!

    * Readable, informative, quick witted and informal.



    Every article should have at least one image.

    Check on copyrights is extremely important!

    Credit your images when necessary. It should read: Image: Photographer, Source. Sometimes this is not necessary as some images do not have copyright (this applies especially for promotional images such as flyers for events and venue photos). On websites such as Wikicommons and Freefoto.com you can get free photos and they also display the image’s copyright policy, which most of the time will require you to attribute the photo. Have a look at http://www.catswhocode.com/blog/50-sites-to-find-free-stock-images for the top 50 free photo websites (note that free does not mean free of copyright, but free of charge, so do check before uploading and attribute when necessary!).

    TO UPLOAD IMAGES- First make sure you upload a Featured Image, the option is below the title box. You should also always have at least one image embedded in the text (it can even be the image you used as the featured image). Obviously in longer articles upload more than one image. Go onto Add Media > Upload Files > Select Files. Then on the right column adjust the details, such as position, size and caption (this is where you credit the image).