• Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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  • CtheCity

    You might be familiar with C Taste, the restaurant where you can enjoy your food in a different way. In the dark that it! The owner recently introduced a new concept; CtheCity. CtheCity lets you explore Amsterdam in the dark in an one hour tour. The blind tour guide will guide you through a small version of Amsterdam, where you can recognize and experience the unique features Amsterdam has to offer. The tours are suited for different kinds of occasions, for a visit with friends, family, business partners but also for educational purposes.

    Offering their guests a truly unique experience is not the only mission of CtheCity. The founders, Sandra and Bas, aim to train 144 blind or visual impaired people in their specially designed Ctalents program in order to successfully employ these talents in commercial business.

    Curious to experience CtheCity yourself? You can buy your tickets at website.

    Ctaste / CtheCity
    Amsteldijk 55 – 52
    1074 HX Amsterdam
    020 675 28 31


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