• Monday, November 29, 2021

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  • De buurtcamping


    You may, on occasions, miss the small-town friendliness and community feel that can be missing in a large city. Join this year’s De Buurtcamping (The Neighbourhood Camping) and experience Amsterdam, village style!

    Following a successful debut last year, De Buurtcamping is back this August, from Friday the 15th to Sunday the 17th. Held over three Parks; the City Gardens, Noorderpark , and Rembrandtpark, the organisers of De Buurtcamping  continue to build an event that emphasises neighbourliness, cooperation, and getting to know your fellow Amsterdam citizens in a relaxed, holiday environment.

    Last year’s De Buurtcamping took place in Oosterpark and, for three days, became a self-made little village in the heart of Amsterdam. Organisers allowed the camping residents to create and organise their own activities in a bid to get all campers working and playing together. This saw an eccentric mix of Amsterdam’s denizens; from business people to the homeless, from social butterflies to wall flowers, from toddlers to the elderly….all living, participating and enjoying the activities and positive energy.

    This year, with the addition of two more parks for camping, De Buurtcamping is set to be even better. All camp sites have toilets, showers and all the necessary facilities. As last year, to foster a sense of community, the organisers will leave it up to the campers to organise what happens on each site. Statistics show that last year all of the De Buurtcamping inhabitants felt they got to know at least 9 new people, and the organisers believe this is due to them creating an environment of cooperation, where the normal communication barriers felt in a large city are stripped away.

    You can volunteer right now if you want to help in building the camp or organising activities at this year’s De Buurtcamping. You can also pay for a pitch, but don’t take too long to decide. In keeping with the organiser’s desire to keep the event on a small scale, places are limited. Don’t miss out!




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