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    While sitting in the Wok to Walk restaurant in Amsterdam waiting for your Chinese noodles to be quickly stirred up in the hot wok, there is time to enjoy the bold, eye-catching and pleasing interior design of the place. You wonder why this combination of clean modern western design works in well with the attractive minimal dragon design.The expressive bold orange of the ceiling also adds to the whole design combination and lifts it further off the ground.


    Your pleasing interior was the realized vision of Diego Alonso Design. After moving from Argentina to Israel then to Holland in 1997, Diego Alonso Waisbaum graduated from the Royal Arts Academy in Den Haag as an interior architect in 2004. The new designer was more or less forced to start his own company after no design company was interested enough in his portfolio to employ him after graduation. Alonso dropped the Waisbaum surname of his German ancestry, as it did not flow in so well with the rest of the company name.

    Alonso’s first design job was for a sushi bar in Antwerp in Belgium. Then, mostly by word of mouth and personal recommendation from satisfied customers, his design work grew and grew. The designer does very little self-promotion, but design projects find him, instead of the other way round.


    Ten years after graduation, Alonso has completed designs of more than 50 restaurants and fast-food eateries, and is now busy with jobs in Morocco. No less than six projects are taking shape there in Casablanca and Tangiers, including a sports club and gym on the beach, restaurants and food chains in the city.

    The busy designer says that he takes a holistic approach in his design concept that encompasses product design and furniture into interior architecture result. While being ambitious, he is reluctant to grow the business too quickly, and only employs a couple of freelance assistants to take care of technical drawings at this stage.


    The design concepts are all his and, as a critical perfectionist, Alonso stays involved in a project to make sure that his designs are build according to his vision. Alonso may be designing for a restaurant or fast-food chains but he ensures that each interior is unique. An important component of his design approach is the balance of bold and expressive colours that somehow end up complementing each other.

    The designer himself says that he aims to make his designs “very colorful, original, updated, and outstanding.” Looking in particular at his recent creations at Yogenfuz, Cheese Factory, The Mexican, Pasta Factory and Delicious, one can see what Alonso means.



    The bold designs and bright colors quickly envelop and welcome customers, as soon as they step through the door. The large illustrations on the walls in the interior leave little doubt that you have come to the right place for your cheese, pasta or fruity yoghurt. The attractive pattern made by a parmesan cheese grater, for example, effectively decorates the pasta shop. The harmonious colors chosen also re-enforce that identity: wheat-brown of pasta, light yellow of cheese and pastel pink of strawberry yoghurt.

    Amsterdam is a comfortable home now for the designer and his young family and he is renovating his home in the little spare time that is left from work. So more than likely in Amsterdam, you will be at some stage savoring Alonso’s interior design while eating your noodles and falafel and drinking your coffee.


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