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  • Don´t miss the city´s biggest party

    It’s Queen and King’s Day back-to-back this year. Are you ready?Everyday is party day in Amsterland, but here’s why this season is the perfect time to visit if you’re for the booze, babes, and bargains.

    Queen’s Day (April 30) – Join the “orange frenzy” of people partying in  the open streets, pubs, galleries, boats, Amsterdam apartments, every place allowed. With the city tax-free and businesses unregulated (just for this day), you could imagine how wild it could be. In fact, we recommend the distinct ones you don’t usually find back home (printing press bars, boat bars, antique art galleries) What’s more, world-renowned DJs (check out their page for the long list) confirmed they’ll rocking the event this year. To get the most out of your clubbing, sign up for a “pub crawl” tour so you’ll get to visit the best ones and be guided by the friendly locals in case you literally crawl.King’s Day (April 30) – So if you combine “orange frenzy day” with the new King’s Day (first time holiday since the new king will be proclaimed the same day) what do you get? We have yet to find out, but our Royal organizers set up the King’s Dance, a multi-cultural performances event, in different museums. Save your energy for the most spectacular musical performances fit for a king.Queen’s Night/Bredeweg Festival (April 29) – To kickstart the main event (Queen’s Day), get a sample of the free street performances for all ages, from authentic street operas to circuses and rockbands. Try not to get too wasted because the big day hasn’t started. Also, watch out for wiggling bikes since the crowd tends to get too excited sharing drinks and other good stuff.

    City-wide sale! – Locals usually bargain their old stuff so the price is good enough but you can still haggle, and if you’re lucky enough, they may even give it to you for free.

    Royal Boat Parade – Even the canals will be jam-packed, in the morning with Royal boats featuring the new King and Queen and their classy entourage, and at night with party boats of various themes.

    Queen’s Day or not, we love the Dutch for being party-savvy, so in case you don’t catch the event, each visit in the city is always worthy. We’ve heard some accommodations are booked already, so check shortstay-apartment.com while early.


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