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    eurostatCitizens of the Netherlands are faring well, according to European statistics bureau Eurostat. The bureau released its 2011 findings last Tuesday, which show that just about 15.7 percent of the country’s residents are considered poor, or in danger of becoming poor or being excluded. The country is taking good care of its senior citizens and children, the report says.

    Only about 6.9 percent of senior citizens in the Netherlands are facing poverty and exclusion, which gave the country a number two spot on the Eurostat listing. Number one was Luxembourg, where just about 4.7 percent of senior citizens are in trouble. Belgium registered 21.6 percent and Germany 15.3 percent.

    Children are the most vulnerable group in Dutch society; 18 percent of the country’s children are raised in poverty. For Dutch adults this stands at 17 percent. The Eurostat report says that on average 27 percent of Europeans younger than 18 grow up in poverty and with social exclusion. Some 24.3 of adults (18 to 64 years of age) and 20.5 percent of the senior citizens (over 65) throughout the continent face these kinds of problems.

    Poverty among children is linked to their parents’ educational level and origin. “Almost half of the poor and excluded children have parents with lower educational levels,” Eurostat reports. It says that only 7 percent of “poor” children have parents with high educational levels. It also said that about a third of the children of whom at least one parent was born abroad, could face poverty and social exclusion.

    The report says that in general Holland is doing well, in comparison with some other EU countries. With its 15.3 percent score, only the Czech Republic had less poor people than the Netherlands (15.7 percent).

    Of all EU residents, about 24.2 percent are in trouble, with Bulgaria (49.4 percent) claiming the highest percentage. Greece and Spain, both hit hard by the eurocrisis, register 31 and 27 percent poverty respectively.

    HUXX is Marvin Hokstam, a Caribbean journalist who is rapidly going from reluctant to increasingly amazed by Amsterdam


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