• Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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  • The Fault in Our Stars Amsterdam Tour


    For all the literary junkies out there and film buffs alike, the producer of the film adapted from author John Green’s popular novel “The Fault in Our Stars” will be making an Amsterdam tour, where fans can follow the same locations as the two young American teenagers.

    This will be done using a map that will be distributed by 20th Century Fox during the second week of July to coincide with the film’s release in Dutch Cinemas on the 10th of July.

    The film is already a hit in America grossing more than Tom Cruise’s Edge of tomorrow and Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent in the Box Office. We should see an influx of fans visiting the city due to the huge popularity of both the novel and film.

    The tour which should last approximately around an hour, will allow fans to see the journey the two young lovers made through Amsterdam, leading past the Anne Frank House, the bench along the Bloemgracht and the Rijksmuseum, which landmarked major plot points in the story. Fans are encouraged to make selfies at the locations and spread them through social media. The Amsterdam government has also expressed interest in circulating the route through Amsterdam Marketing.

    The story is narrated by a young 16 year old named Hazel, who is suffering from cancer. She meets 17 year old Augustus at a support meeting they both attend and subsequently fall in love. They make a visit to Amsterdam in order to seek out a mysterious writer, Peter Van Houten, who wrote Hazel’s favorite book.

    Maps will be printed as well as being distributed through the Facebook and Twitter accounts of 20th Century Fox.

    For more information follow @20thcenturyfox and keep up to date on when the maps will be out or alternatively their Facebook site at www.facebook.com/FoxMovies


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