• Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • Fong Leng – Fashion and Art at the Amsterdam Museum

    Until 16 March, the Amsterdam Museum is showing an exhibition of the designs and artistic creations of the Dutch fashion designer and artists Fong Leng. Her designs made waves in the Netherlands in the 1970s and 80s with their flamboyant use of texture. Fong Leng mixed leather and suede with silk and metallic threads, creating powerful, joyous pieces. Unwilling to limit her creativity to clothing, she also worked as a visual artist, using silks, leather and other fabrics as her medium.

    The exhibition showing at the Amsterdam museum is a carefully chosen collection of some of her most characteristic pieces from the 1970s, including the famous Leopard Coat. Made in 1973 of leather, silk, suede and satin, this is a dramatic metallic gold coat with snarling leopards appliquéd on the skirts of the coat, and leather flowers clustering on the arms and shoulders. Another striking piece is the Poppy Dress (1972), a stunning tea-length dress of turquoise leather with bold red poppies. More playful and diaphanous designs are also represented in the collection by the summery Butterfly Ensemble (1978-80) of intricately pleated voile in tropical colours, and by demure dresses in floating shell-pink crepe with gold polka dots and endless ruffles.

    The dresses and coats are shown alongside some of Fong Leng’s art: masks, ornamental pieces and wall hangings in fierce dark colours showing tigers and lizards. The exhibition runs for another two weeks.

    Location and exhibition opening times can be found at www.amsterdammuseum.nl

    Skip the line and book your ticket in advance.


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