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  • Food Film Festival

    Films and workshops

    In March of 2013, the Food Film Festival will return for its third year. During these three days, you will experience intriguing documentaries, as well as fictional films and shorts, all related to food and nutrition.

    The festival will also hold many workshops that are related to the films. Last year, Yolanda van der Jagt and Giovanna Gomersbach showed different ways to turn a simple potato into a culinary delight. Gido Schweitzer, a chef at restaurant Bettys, led a tantalizing discussion on beetroot. Also last year, festival goers discovered the art of sushi and how to prepare the perfect Indian Lunch.

    Entertaining delicacies

    There are actually a wide range of themes during this festival.

    Last year, the festival presented wonderful food related films like the children’s animation Ratatouille, the Japanese classic Tampopo, and many other highly entertaining films.

    FFF-2013-flyerThe Food Film Festival is held inAmsterdam’s Studio K annually. Here, you will get three days of films all about food.

    The wider picture

    Most importantly, the event hosts a plethora of documentaries that discuss the production, consumption and sustainability of food. For instance, LoveMeaTender explored the rate of meat consumption in Belgian, while Raising Resistance discussed the issues with South American soy plantations.

    Youth Food Movement

    Since it is a food festival, there will be plenty to eat here. While the festival is underway, the restaurant of Studio K, along with the Youth Food Movement, will work with local ingredients that are affordable and sustainable. The mission of this youth movement makes it an ideal companion to the film festival.

    More than movies

    The Food Film Festival also offers a wide varietie of programs to peruse, including book launches, live talk shows, live music, Craft Markets and so much more.


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