• Friday, October 15, 2021

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  • Framed in print a review


    Whilst going through some major internal and external renovations, Foam is hosting three new photography exhibits. The main, and most colourful, one highlights Dutch magazine photography from the past 40 years; Framed in Print. On display from October 11 through December 11, this densely curated exhibit bombards the viewer with image beyond image of photographs from five prominent Dutch photographers. The ‘exhibition photo caption’ booklet is essential for anyone wanting to make linear connections throughout this exhibit.

    Divided into thematic sections, including portraits, food, sports, travel and fashion, each wall is plastered with a succession of photographs taken by different photographers. Up to 40 photographs may be on one wall, with even more photos placed on structures in the centre of each room highlighting an individual photographer, there is not much space for the viewer to appreciate each photo individually. The photo caption booklet describes the exhibit as “…read[ing] like a magazine,” though this simile can only be applied loosely to the thematic categories.

    An exercise in visual culture and the practices of looking, this exhibit challenges the viewer to create meaning in a decentralised manner through seemingly anonymous images, without the aid. Be exposed to multiple styles of photography varying based on both the content of the images and the photographer. Creative photography, photojournalism and many styles in between, this exhibit holds something for everyone.

    Tickets to the entire museum cost €8.75 for adults, €6.00 for students, and with a Museumkaart entrance is free. Foam is located at 609 Keisersgracht in Amsterdam.


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