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  • Gay And Lesbian In Amsterdam

    Visitors and residents of the LGBT community in Amsterdam soon realize that Amsterdam can be one of the best places in Europe to be in. You would have a hard time finding as many gay-friendly activities and attractions as you would in the center of the city of Amsterdam. That is why the city has become one of the most popular destinations for gay groups and visitors. For a few centuries already, the residents of the city have held a very tolerant attitude towards all different lifestyles. One of the things that you will hear the most often said in Amsterdam is “live and let live.”

    There are so many things which make Amsterdam one of the best places for the LGBT community. The city hosted the first LGBT nuptials in the world and it constructed the first monument to celebrate gay sacrifices. It is also the only city to host a Gay Pride Event with a parade of boats in the world. The guide to LGBT Amsterdam will include the history of LGBT rights in the city, some of the most popular events, the best restaurants, bars, clubs and other resources for the community.


    The city of Amsterdam could be called the birthplace of gay rights. Homosexuality has not been a crime in Amsterdam since 1811 and the city’s first gay bar was established in 1927 and COC, which is one of the first organizations which focuses on gay rights in the world, was established in the city back in 1946.

    The city of Amsterdam also recognized the members of the community who fought and died during World War 2. In 1987, this recognition came in the shape of the Homomonument. Amsterdam also holds the distinction of being the first city in the world outside of North America to ever host the famous Gay Games and that was back in 1998. The Netherlands was also the first country on the planet to make same sex marriage legal in 2001. The first ever legal LGBT nuptials were held in Amsterdam by the mayor.

    The Pride Tradition Never Stops

    The city of Amsterdam has been and still is one of the top destinations for LGBT travel. Amsterdam Gay Pride is held every year during the months of July and early August and it is one of the most famous Gay Pride Celebrations in the world. The Canal Parade brings a total of half a million visitors every year and that puts it on top as the biggest event hosted in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Gay Pride was named the best gay pride event in Europe back in 2008. The event also won the title of the Welcome Award which makes it the most hospitable event in the city. Amsterdam Gay Pride was also nominated for the best LGBT event anywhere.

    Where To Party, Eat, Shop And Stay

    The LGBT community visitors do not need to look for the familiar rainbow flags in order to find the right bar, restaurant or hotel as the city is very open-minded and welcomes visitors. The friendliness to the LGBT community can be found everywhere in the city and businesses cater to everyone.

    The LGBT Lifestyle In The City Of Amsterdam

    Of course the LGBT scene in the city thrives so it does not just cater to visitors. There are several gay community organizations and resources which cater to the same community. Some of the most popular ones include meeting groups, sports clubs, libraries, bookshops, counseling services and others.

    Amsterdam Information

    If you are looking for an official place to get information for the LGBT community, just look for Pink Point which is located by the Homomonument. Pink Point provides all type of information, both on the LGBT scene in Amsterdam and the Homomonument.


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