• Friday, October 15, 2021

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  • The G&T Season

    The world of hospitality is awesome, and especially in Amsterdam. With new restaurants and hotels opening every week, hospitality news is never boring. Besides culinary and conceptual trends, we are also big fans of all trends that involve… a bar! We love food, and all things culinary, but enjoying the perfect beverage in the right setting can really make our day.  

    Like every month we will give you some inside trend tips, and this time around it’s about the one beverage that cannot be missed this summer: Gin & Tonic!


    Even when our bread is finished, milks bottles are empty and the snacks have disappeared; we always have Gin and Tonic in the office. What better way to end your day than with a cold G&T in the sun? And we know we are not alone in our G&T obsession. This heavenly drink has taken over bars in Berlin, New York, London and now Amsterdam. Already there are loads of G&T fans in our country, but now the time has come for all silent G&T lovers to raise their flags, and properly start the G&T season.  The official kick off of the gin and tonic season takes place on the 19th of May; G&T day!

    We hear you… all of this talk about the best summer drink has made you thirsty! Since we regularly enjoy a gin and tonic ourselves, we can give you some advice on how to make the ultimate Gin & Tonic. First rule: if you want to do it right, do it right; the best gin for this liquid delight is Hendricks. Hendricks gin is distilled in Scotland with curious, yet marvellous infusions of cucumber and rose. Second rule; for the best drink, with the best spirit, you use the best mixer; Fever-Tree Tonic that is. Fever-Tree has developed a range of great tasting mixers that are perfectly balanced, enhancing the flavours of the Hendricks gin.

    Prefer to have this magic made for you by the best bartenders, on the best day of the year? Take a look at the official G&T Day hosted by one of Amsterdam’s top restaurants Mercat. This day will be fully dedicated to celebrating the G&T, kicking off the G&T season and… enjoying G&T’s!

    In addition to Nevy, there are a few other places where they serve the ultimate G&T. If you are near ‘De Pijp’ definitely make a stop at Izakaya, where you can chill on the terrace while sipping your drink. If you decide to head towards the centre, make a stop at MOMO near the Vondelpark. MOMO knows more then the finest Asian cuisine, they know cocktails and G&T’s.  If you are near the canals, don’t forget to make a stop at restaurant Bluespoon in the famous Andaz Hotel, here you can definitely enjoy your G&T in style.


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