• Monday, November 29, 2021

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  • Halloween Fright Nights

    Something strange and ominous is happening over at the Walibi Holland amusement park in Biddinghuizen on a series of nights in October. The bright lights of the fun park and the squeals of joy of the rollercoaster riders are missing. Instead the whole place has turned as dark as the night itself, and the lonely screams are ones of freight and sheer terror. What is going on there in the night? Well, go in to find out, if you dare.

    The macabre among us, and there surely are many, would know that all this may have something to do with Halloween. And indeed, on the nights of 18-20 and 25-27, the staff of Walibi, and possibly unnamed others, are ready to give us their 13th Halloween Freight Nights, to help us see in Halloween, the traditional time when departed spirits return to earth. Buying tickets costing from €35-50 allows you to meet some of the dark roaming spirits and undead zombies by creeping into The Villa, Psycho Shock and going to the Mexican La Fiesta de los Muertos, where the dead are honoured. The drinks are cool at the Inferno, “the hottest nightclub in town”, but the “people” that you are rubbing shoulders with in the dark, may not be worth closer look. Starting off in 1971 as Flevohof, an educational farming theme park, the farming enthusiasts would not recognise Walibi Holland now, let alone this dark Halloween manifestation of it.


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