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  • Happy anniversary to Paul and Linda

    Happy anniversary to Paul and Linda McCartney!

    On 12th of March, 1969, Paul Mccartney married Linda. (Happy anniversary to Paul and Linda) This was the day when music combined with photography as a matter of expression. Her professional skills as a photographer embroidered a lighted career where the contemplation of human expression blossomed.

    Her photos have been published in the book Linda McCartney ‘s Sixties: Portrait of an Era in 1992. Following their marriage at Marylebone registry office in London, they received the blessing at St. John’s Wood Church. After Paul adopted her daughter from the first marriage, through their love they had together 3 children more. Happy anniversary to Paul and Linda

    There must have been magic/ the night that we met …

    These lyrics from the song Magic, appeared in the 12th studio album, Driving Rain (released in 21st of November 2001) have the power to give us an impression of such a wonderful union which started between them. This album culminated with the returning of the former Beatles to music again, after the 1998death of Linda McCartney: ‘Magic’ was about the first night I met Linda,” McCartney said in a 2001 TV interview. “And I used to say to my kids… ‘If I hadn’t stood up when Linda was leaving … which is something I didn’t normally do. I tried to play it cool, but I liked the look of this girl.’ You know, I said, ‘hey….’

    And if I hadn’t have done that, I said to the kids, ‘we wouldn’t have gotten married, you wouldn’t have been here.’ So it’s a very important night, and a very important moment in my life.”

    Paul and Linda formed the band Wings in 1971, where many important albums like Wild life (1971), Red Rose Speedway (1973), Band on The Run (1973), Venus and Mars (1975), London Town (1978) got released.

    Remember the wonderful lyrics from I am your Singer (Wild Life) ? You are my one, you are my own melody/ You are my song, I am your singer seems to  come directly from their life as a painting, as an ideal. My Love and Country Dreamer or Thank you Darling (Red Rose Speedway) add more thoughts about true devotion and sincere gratitude.

    A love so warm and beautiful/ stands when time itself is falling/ A love so warm and beautiful/ never fades away …


    Take this love story as a moment of inspiration today and let’s listen to other of Paul’ songs about the feeling of uneding love. Start with the song The Lovely Linda. Continue with “The Loveliest Thing”, “This Never Happened Before”, “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “A Certain Softness”;She is so Beautiful”.  From here you find your way through this journey. If these lyrics become too sad, then remember that There’s always someone somewhere; you should know by now, always somebody who cares and that through all our life; We may find a trace/ Of a state of grace/ In the saddest face because Something is there.


    Happy anniversary to Paul and Linda


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