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  • Bird – Zeedijk

    Zeedijk is home to many of Amsterdam’s classic establishments. Being one of the city’s oldest streets, many places have had a long time to cement a real name for themselves. Bird is one of these places. In 1993, when it first opened as a small takeaway restaurant, it sported just three tables.

    The atmosphere of the street was completely different from today, and was infamous as a dangerous street on the border of a dangerous  Red Light District. Today that has all changed and so, too, has Bird.

    Having always operated on the premise of quality and authentic Thai food, this opportunity escalated when they got a chance to open a bigger restaurant in 1998 – the first Thai restaurant on the Zeedijk. By this time the street had shrugged off its shackles and was transforming into the vibrant and trendy inner-city street that it is today. Both the street and the restaurant are of high value to locals and visitors alike.

    Bird can get extremely busy, so we recommend going before 6pm. Regardless, even if it is busy, you’ll still get the full Bird experience of amazing Thai food in a chilled out setting. A simple recipe.

    The authenticity is not only in the food, with the whole interior having been imported from Thailand and traditional artwork adorning the walls and floor space. It really is a beautiful place to have a meal.

    That brings us to the food. What can you say? It is not the interior that makes Bird such a popular place in town,  but the food itself. It is seriously good stuff.

    Starters range from spring rolls to ribs, kebabs and soups, with varying traditional Thai spices and sauces. Setting up a meeting between your taste buds and the garlic prawns on the menu could very well be one of the best culinary decisions you make in Amsterdam. After that, it’s whatever takes your fancy from the menu, as it is all very good and there is a huge range.

    Options include their green and red curries, sweet and sour blends, as well as a great selection of seafood dishes. A meal will cost you between 15 and 25 Euros, depending on your hunger and taste. Count for the fact that your hunger will grow as soon as you walk in the door and catch the scent of absolutely genuine and tasty Thai food, right in the heart of the city.

    If you’re looking to try your hand at some of their famous dishes, Bird offers select recipes which are available on their website. This alone indicates their commitment to spreading Thai tastes beyond the limits of their restaurant. The Bird is the word when it comes to Thai food in Amsterdam.

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