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  • Healthy food workshops at SLA Amsterdam

    This food temple is known for its healthy goodies. Now you can attend their workshops as well to learn how to make the best of your quality ingredients. Keep on reading for their Detoxifying Spring Juice recipe, a best-seller at SLA shops.


    The healthy food revolution has conquered its own spot in Amsterdam’s gastronomic scene and one of the locals’ favourite destinations for organic, high quality goodies is SLA. Located in the trendy Jordaan as well as in the south of the city, the motto of this healthy temple is “EAT. SHARE. LIVE”. With tasty, satisfying, hearty food, their goal is to “share their knowledge with customers and send them home wiser and more conscious towards their daily food routine.”

    Their menu (which you can view here) covers a variety of ready-to-eat salads, DIY salads, soups and juices. Those who struggle when eating out for nutritional restrictions reasons, here you will find both vegan and vegetarian options with affordable prices, ranging from €5 to €10. You can also either eat in or takeaway (only PIN and credit cards accepted for a green friendly world).

    Supporting local farmers is also an important part of this business since all their meat, dairy products and even wine are organic. Their fruit and veg are over 90% organic and their beers are locally brewed. “We want to support the local farmers and we are hoping to have many more of them in the future”, says Nina Pierson, one of SLA’s co-founders.


    Apart from natural and organic foods, now they also host a once a month workshop on a specific subject related to healthy eating: lessons on superfoods and edible flowers have been given over the last couple of months. In June, according to Nina, the workshop will be all about food as medicine with Kyra de Vreeze, who is an “activist for health and happiness”, graduated in nutrition and natural health. The workshops take from 2 to 4 hours (depending on the teaching expert) and cost around €30 to €40. To join the workshop, e-mail info@ilovesla.com or reach them at 020-7893080/ 020-7893019.

    If you’re still not convinced why you should go organic, Nina gives you three reasons that might convert you to take more conscious and healthy decisions when it comes to picking your food (and checking its origins):

    #1 It’s much better not to eat pesticides. Let food grow naturally.

    #2 Organic farming is so much better for the natural reserves in the ground. It helps against the mono culture, meaning that organic farming has a positive influence on the diversity of the vitamins and minerals in the ground. When the ground contains more of these minerals, our vegetables and fruits contain more vitamins. It’s a win-win situation.

    #3 It’s a good way of supporting local farmers.

    Detoxifying Spring Juice
    This is the most popular of SLA’s green juices. Here, they share the recipe with us so you can replicate at home and get inspired by a healthier lifestyle:

    120ml of water
    1 Fennel Bulb
    1 Cucumber
    3 Celery Stalks
    1 Lemon juice

    Photos: Wij Zijn Kees, Teska and Maja Molière.

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