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  • Helena Ivancic About All Things Fashion

    The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam is in full swing right now, and it’s been known to attract many international guests. Berlin-based model Helena Ivancic has come to discover the Dutch fashion world too. In her interview with AmsterDO, Helena tells about her style, favorite trends and impressions of Amsterdam.

    Source: Helena Ivancic

    Name: Helena Ivancic
    Favorite color: Red
    High heels or sneakers? High heels for work, sneakers for pleasure
    Favorite things in the closet: Vintage mom jeans & red silk trench coat
    Makeup item: Concealer
    Favorite shop: Colette store in Paris
    Next-to-buy list: Balenciaga bomber jacket (in love with the collar details!)
    Guilty pleasure: Original Italian ice cream
    I can’t live without… My smartphone

    How would you describe your style?

    Sporty and elegant with an innovative touch.

    What are some of your inspiration sources?

    Art galleries, movies and fashion magazines. Oh, and fashion weeks, of course! I am keeping track of fashion shows all over the world, and I visit some of them personally.

    Name a few summer/fall trends of this year. What are your personal favorites?

    Well, wide-leg pants are really trendy right now. White sneakers too. I love sneakers, they are super comfy and easy to combine with anything, even with a dress. My favorite piece of clothing at the moment is the red silk trench coat. Brightens up every cloudy day in Berlin!

    What do you expect from Amsterdam Fashion Week? Do you have favorite Dutch brands or designers?

    I’d like to get some insights into the fashion world in the Netherlands. I think the Dutch fashion market has a lot to offer. My favorite Dutch brands are NIKKIE, SuperTrash and Maison the Faux. Favorite Dutch designers are Ronald Van der Kemp, Iris Van Herpen and Hans Ubbink. I worked with Hans once, he is a great designer, I absolutely love his style and the materials he uses.

    Is street fashion in Amsterdam different from that in Berlin?

    The Berlin street style is really sporty. Both men and women prefer comfy clothes and wear sneakers most of the time. I notice that in Amsterdam too (except maybe the times when women ride their bikes on high heels). But it seems that Amsterdammers are braver when it comes to combining different styles and patterns. Also, Berlin is still defining itself. The neighborhoods are very different: from “hipster” areas like Kreuzberg to those really chic ones like Charlottenburg or Prenzlauer Berg.

    What are some of your favorite projects or collaborations?

    I had the pleasure of working with many brands. Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Escada, Laurèl and others. Probably, my cooperation with LG, which was my latest project, was the most exciting. We were shooting a video and I went freediving with sharks in the Caribbean Sea.

    What’s your favorite thing about your profession?

    I love discovering new things as I am naturally guided by curiosity. And I’m happy that I can learn so much through modeling and my travels! I always share my experiences on my inspiration platform 5 Candies a Week.

    More about Helena Ivancic

    Official Website: Helena Ivancic
    Blog: 5 Candies a Week
    Facebook: 5candiesaweek
    Instagram: 5candiesaweek


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