• Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • Help Mankind by Growing a Movember Moustache

    The increasing number of men wearing moustaches marks the month of Mo-vember in Amsterdam. Every Amsterdammer growing a Movember moustache – thick or thin, wide or narrow, with long whiskers or even dyed different colors – contributes to the worldwide movement for men’s health, raising awareness of prostate cancer, as well as funds to fight with it.

    Movember Moustache

    Just like a red ribbon has become a universal symbol of supporting those living with HIV, a moustache is familiarized with the Movember movement. ‘Moustache is our ribbon’, the Movember Foundation claims.

    The rules of the ‘hairy festival’ are simple. Sign up as a member, shave your moustache and beard at the beginning of November and prepare for the hairy month. Then start raising funds for men’s health.

    Be creative and open to experiments to collect more donations and involve as many people as possible! Are you ready to dye your Movember moustache green or any other color for that matter? Make a bet with one of the donors and let them pick the color!

    People will make more donations if they get to participate in something like this. And you’ll earn a couple of extra karma points by collecting those.

    Get Involved in Another Way

    If growing a moustache is not your thing, don’t worry – there are plenty of other ways to participate.

    To start with, you can Move for Movember. Sign up on the website, set a move challenge for yourself and raise funds by completing it.

    Run a marathon, learn to rollerblade, train for a 100km bike ride or let your imagination run wild and come up with even crazier challenges! Whatever works for you and draws the attention of donors to Movember!

    Another way to get involved is hosting an event. Whether it’s an insane sports activity or a simple dinner party, it’ll be a great chance to engage people.

    Source: Movember Foundation
    Source: Movember Foundation

    Finally, make a donation! It takes less than five minutes and is super easy if compared to growing a moustache, running a marathon or recovering from a party.

    Times and Dates

    The activists of Movember organize a couple of events in various venues throughout the city, starting from October 29. So, the first of them – Shave The Date – is planned for this Saturday (for the rest of the events held over the weekend, see here).

    The list of all Movember activities with dates and places can be found on the following link.


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