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  • Holland Festival cycles through the Rijksmuseum passage



    Holland Festival cycles through the Rijksmuseum passage

    The free lunch performances of this year’s Holland Festival are taking place in the famous passage of the Rijksmuseum. Since it is a place where musicians have traditionally enjoyed performing, students from The Royal Conservatory of The Hague will be having brief musical-theatrical performances on three consecutive Thursdays.

    From spectacular bike constructions they will make a musical and theatrical program adapted to music and themes that also appear elsewhere in the festival.

    On June 6

    the focus is on the dynamics of slowly contracting and deleted note patterns (inspired by Morton Feldman’s For Bunita Marcus). On June 13 the theme is secrets, dreams and imperfections from the female and African perspective (inspired by Desdemona). On June 20, poetry and music blend in a dialogue wherein universal truth triumphs over daily affairs (inspired by Richard Wagner and Tragedy of a Friendship).

    The shows take place at 12:30, with repetitions at 13.00 and 13.30. Admission is free. The 66th edition of the Holland Festival takes place between 1-26 June 2013 at various locations in Amsterdam.

    Other Activities

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    The Canals of Amsterdam remind us the greatness of the city where history was been written by artists, poets and unique architects.

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