• Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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  • Hospitality in Amsterdam

    Eat well, do good
    Ordering a latte-Frappuccino-extra foam-easy-on-the-milk is so last year. This year is all about enjoying life, but being good to those around you. A great example of this is the international movement ‘suspended coffee’. This wonderful global initiative has found it’s way to Amsterdam and basically allows you to pay for an extra coffee which will be served to a less fortunate person. Simply beautiful!

    Another great example of this, is the well-known, luxury hotel Amstel. This gorgeous, 5-start hotel, known most for harboring basically any great celebrity that visited Amsterdam, is now showing their softer side. The hotel has joined forces with ‘De Waterheuvel’, an institution that helps Amsterdammers with a psychiatric background build a brighter future for themselves. Offering these people a position in the room service troops, the Amstel hotel has truly redefined the meaning of hospitality. Chapeau!

    And let’s not forget the top culinary event The Netherlands has to offer: Taste of Amsterdam. This year they have yet again joined forces with the Zero waste initiative to ensure a clean and sustainable event. So you can now enjoy four days of culinary highlights without a tinge of guilt.

    Finally, the international Streetsmart concept has also come to town. This initiative joined forces with Amsterdam’s top restaurants like MOMO, IZAKAYA, Nevy, Mercat, Bluespoon and Nomads. At each and every one of the participating restaurants, guests can optionally add a Euro to their bill. This Euro will be used by Streetsmart to help families who have lost their homes. Another great way of adding meaning to your meal.

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