• Saturday, September 23, 2023

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  • Hotel V Nesplein Boasts and The Incredible Lobby

    V street sign - med

    A series of events unfolded recently in the bustling city of Amsterdam devoted to generate much creative energy that flowed freely through the great city, creating ripples in the flourishing boutique hotel scenario. One ripple of this process was the founding of Hotel V Nesplein, the brand new member to the Hotel V family, lying smack in the center of the city’s theater district, right on the foundations of Amsterdam itself.

    No wonder that Hotel V Nesplein has a warm, welcoming ambiance with theatrical influences incorporated in its design, in the form of a little of the elegance of the Continent back in the 1930s, in tandem with the edgy and raw Amsterdam of these days.

    Hotel V is located between the old city center and the prevailing quarter of Dam Square and as such is convenient both for conventional sightseeing and for a more local taste of the bar and restaurant scene. The focus of the whole hotel is on the spectacular restaurant “The Lobby” where the locals can meet and interact with visitors from overseas. The lobby is a sensation right in the very core of the hotel complex, conceptualized with the contemporary tourist in mind.

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    There is an eccentric sort of grandeur to Hotel V and this characteristic is most apparent in the designer lobby which is a harmonious blend of the restaurant and the library section, in which an enormous chandelier dangles coquettishly from a ceiling that is supported by elegant concrete columns, with the walls and floors lined exquisitely in parquet. It is spacious and cozy with one big space enfolding various areas including a lounge furnished with couches.

    In an interview with one of the proprietors (there are four partners in total) of Hotel V, Jan Stuurman said that they have been thinking of establishing a hotel/restaurant in the city of Amsterdam for some time, with his partners whom he had met long ago and “had a nice click together” as he put it. They wanted to set up a new hotel in Amsterdam and they went on to establish two instead, the first being Hotel V Frederiksplein, closely followed by another named Hotel V Nesplein.

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    According to Jan the hotel and restaurant are not two separate entities but a balanced combination of both. It is also a meeting point for three different worlds in a single space: the hotel guests, the international tourists and of course, the Amsterdammers. One unique characteristic of The Lobby is that there are hardly any partition walls between any of the different functions as one finds in a traditional hotel. The lobby consists of the reception, breakfast, lunch and dinner section, with everything in one huge space.

    Hotel V Nesplein
    Nes 49  1012 KD
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands