• Friday, October 15, 2021

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  • Icebar Amsterdam: XtraCold and XtraFun

    Even though Amsterdam is known for its warm and mild winters, there is still a place for some cold weather experience, and what is even better – it’s a bar. Welcome to the coolest bar in the Dutch capital, The Xtracold Icebar Amsterdam! Put on some warm clothes, pay a visit if you dare and have a drink from a glass made of ice.

    The World of a Dutch Explorer

    The XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam welcomes you into the world of a Dutch explorer, Willem Barentsz. During Willem’s third expedition to the far north, his ship, the Mercury, was stranded on the island of Nova Zembla. The crew was forced to stay there for 9 months and eventually survived the winter.

    The events took place in 1596, and the crew lived in these conditions for almost a year before returning home. How long do you think you can last on the ice cold Nova Zembla? The temperature in the bar is -10°.

    Icebar Amsterdam: Cold Experience with a Warm Welcome

    Although the bar is fully made of ice (no less than 60 tons of it!), have no doubts you’ll receive a warm welcome. Before entering the bar itself, you can relax in the lounge, enjoying the good music and your welcome cocktail or beer.

    Source: Tours and Tickets

    When ready to go inside, you’ll be given a thermal coat and gloves to keep you warm. Inside the ice bar, you can have two more drinks. The choice is between a beer, shot or orange juice, each served in a glass made of ice.

    While drinking, take a look around. Ice walls, ice furniture, ice decorations… And, due to the light effects, the frosty interior looks even more beautiful!

    Learn more about the XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam on their official website or Facebook page and see the following link if you’re brave enough to purchase your tickets!


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