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  • IDFA 2017: Documentary Film Festival Returns to Amsterdam

    Welcome to the International Documentary Film Festival – one of the largest and the most famous festivals of its kind! Whether you’re a true fan of nonfictional motion pictures or just feel tired of blockbusters and want to try something else, the festival has something for you!

    Hundreds of Amazing Stories

    Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival never fails to gather crowds as well as gives the audience exactly what they want! All premieres IDFA features are carefully selected: they are the best in their genres and, most importantly, creative.

    Since 1988, when the festival was firstly held in Amsterdam, it’s been widely known for the focus on creative documentaries. Eager to select the best films, the festival organization searches for pictures that tell the most impressive stories. They engage people and make them discuss and reflect on what they see.

    Source: Nieuws Portfolio
    Source: Nieuws Portfolio

    At the same time, IDFA strives for diversity, featuring films that cover all possible subjects. Find out more about global problems. ‘Travel’ to the wealthiest and the poorest countries. Discover how people from around the world see the same things differently…

    Some of the films are funny and entertaining, others might be sad or even sorrowful. But each one of them tells a unique and amazing story that deserves to be heard.

    See here for the full IDFA program schedule and choose the events that interest you the most.

    Practical Information

    The official dates of the Documentary Film Festival are 15-26 November 2017. The screening venues include multiple locations throughout the city center: Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé De Munt, Koninklijk Theater Carré, EYE Film Institute and many more.

    Tickets for all screenings and events can be bought through the official website of the festival, as well as directly on the spot. But, as said before, IDFA never fails to gather crowds, so it might be a good idea to book tickets in advance.


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