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  • International Storytelling Festival Amsterdam 2017

    Can you still remember the pre-Internet era with less technology and longer conversations? When we actually visited concerts instead of watching those recorded and shared on Youtube? When weren’t we listening to audiobooks, but to real people reading and telling stories?

    The Storytelling Festival Amsterdam will take you back in time to experience it again! Come and listen to beautiful tales, recitals and legends narrated by talented storytellers from all over the world.

    Some of the stories will be amusing, the others might be sad, but none of them will fail to touch your heart.

    Source: Storytelling Festival Amsterdam

    When and Where?

    The Storytelling Festival Amsterdam takes place from 1 to 5 November 2017 and occupies numerous locations throughout the city, including several OBA venues, Theater de Meervaart, Podium Mozaiek, and others.

    Storytelling in English

    For your convenience, we’ve collected all the events with the stories told in English here. Check it out!

    2 November

    The Grand Opening by Eric Borrias, Jan Blake, Mia Verbeelen, Sahand Sahebdivani & Soufiane Moussouli (English & Dutch)
    Pirates of The Lowlands by Rik Vuur & Tom van Outryve (English & Dutch)

    Source: Storytelling Centre

    3 November

    Workshop: The Heresy – Directing Oral Storytelling Sessions by Sonia Carmona Tapia

    4 November

    Workshop Storytelling for Starters – Immersive Storytelling by Jan Blake
    Portrait coached by Hester Tammes & Soufiane Moussouli (English & Dutch)
    Gipsy by Sonia Carmona Tapia
    Stories From The Source by Jan Blake & TUUP

    Source: Storytelling Festival Amsterdam

    5 November

    Turkish Story Brunch (English & Dutch)
    1. Mezrab in Mozaiek: The Way We Came by James Huggett & Christina Mercken
    2. Mezrab in Mozaiek: Danda by Ogutu Muraya
    3. Mezrab in Mozaiek: Tuup – The Preacher & The Skull by TUUP
    Kingdom of Fire and Clay by Raphael Rodan & Sahand Sahebdivani

    Visit the official website of the Storytelling Festival Amsterdam for the entire program, including the events in Dutch. The tickets are available at the same link.  


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