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    Into boats? The HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show 2013, which takes place at RAI (March 6 to 10), offers an exemplary opportunity for aquatic sports enthusiasts, according to Fair Manager Joost Ringeling. “Our boat show is the perfect outing. Spring has arrived, the water sports season kicks off, so this is the place for people who love boats, who want to know more about boats or who just enjoy the aquatic sports,” said Mr. Ringeling.

    An annual event that was first held by the Organization of Aquatic Sports Companies in the late 1950s, the HISWA boat show is a sprawling exhibition of the aquatic sports, aimed at the local market.

    Mr. Ringeling: “Expect a large assortment of vessels, averaging 10 meters in length; sail boats, engine boats, sporting boats, barges andNED 70 so on.” As far as boat exhibitions go, the HISWA show is second to none in the Netherlands. Literally hundreds of vessels -ranging from simple to luxurious and fast- will be on display.

    Meanwhile several vessels, among which the “Ribbon”, the “Bestewind 50”, the “Elling E3” and the “NED 70”  were pulled from their berths in the Amstel on February 28 and taken to the RAI exhibition halls, where they await, ready for their moment in the spotlight. The NED 70 is billed as an awe inspiring luxury yacht –measuring almost 22 meters in length and weighing no less than 40 tonnes-; the largest to be taken on the night ride from the river to the exhibition.

    Mr. Ringeling said that aside from marveling at the vessels on display, visitors will also be able to make good buys; the show also functions as a marketplace for equipment for maintenance of boats, parts for any type of vessel and demonstrations on how to maintain a boat. “HSWA is where people come who own boats and want to learn how to maintain them at low cost. But it’s also perfect for people who are in the market for a boat and people who love to watch boats,” Mr. Ringeling said.

    The Fair Manager said a large pool will be set up in the exhibition hall for demonstrations. Among the list of aquatic sports companies to show off their stocks are names like Antaris, Dometic Benelux and Suzuki, as well as Technautic, Yagt (Essence) and DinghyGo.

    This year’s show will also feature the Aquatic Sports Promenade with a bustling shopping center and a catwalk on which the latest in sportive wear will be shown. “The fashion shows will include the newest collections, novelties and regular products, available at outlet prices,” the boat show website promises.

    Obviously a must-do for ANY boat enthusiast. Tickets go for €12,50 (day) and €8,50 (evening). Children up to 16 years of age enter pay no entrance fee. Mr. Ringeling said there’s a special arrangement with NS (national railway company) so anyone can attend the boat show from anywhere in the country for €7,50.

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    HUXX is Marvin Hokstam, a Caribbean journalist who is rapidly going from reluctant to carefully amazed by Amsterdam


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