• Monday, November 29, 2021

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  • Kwaku summer festival Bijlmerpark

    It started off in 1975 as a football tournament for kids who couldn’t go on holiday but now it has evolved into a colourful festival where people of all cultures come together to celebrate summer. Kwaku festival will take place in Bijlmerpark for five weekends starting July 12th. 

    Kwaku is an African boy’s name which means ‘born on Wednesday’. Many Surinamese people who live in Amsterdam have an African heritage, linking them to that name. In the Surinamese capital Paramaribo there is a statue of ‘Kwaku’ the slave who breaks his chains that bind him in slavery, making him a symbol of emancipation.

    The festival will start at 12:00 on July 12th and will be on every Saturday and Sunday until August 10th. The grounds are open from 12:00 until 0:00 on Saturday and from 11:00 untill 23:00 on Sunday. So if you can’t make it this weekend there is always next weekend, there are not many festivals that can be this flexible. There will be dancing, lots of different foods to try, art and there are also still places to play football and just meet up for a chat. Acts include rappers Sloddervos Gang, a beauty pageant and even a twerking competition.

    For only €3,50 you can enjoy a vibrant party with something for everyone in Bijlmerpark, a section of Amsterdam that is not often visited by the average tourist but none the less very worthwhile.

    Images: ANP photo Olaf Kraak, kwaku.nl


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