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  • Lai & Wai

    IMG_3305 IMG_3299 IMG_3326 IMG_3307Lai & Wai – an Asian restaurant that makes a difference.

    This is the first thing that comes to mind when you get a chance to hear the story of the seemingly ordinary place, told by its most recent owners.

    The spot itself, on which the bistro is located, has carried the spirit of the Asian culture for some time now, since the predecessors of Lai & Wai were a Chinese and a Korean restaurant. And what makes Lai & Wai so special – it offers both Chinese and Korean food. In fact it also offers Vietnamese, Japanese and Indonesian dishes – the most renowned and famous offerings of the East, cooked with fresh vegetables and true Asian craftsmanship. A true opportunity for the Dutch gastronomical traveler to reach in on place the gentle aroma of distant Asia.

    The touch for managing restaurants apparently runs in the family – in our interview the owner told us, the story of his father – a true connoisseur of the art of running a successful restaurant that offers not only a tasty dish, but also an authentic experience of the Asian culinary mastery to its customers. This is closely related to the success of the place – it is soaked in a warm family atmosphere that just pours into the traveller, walking in for the first time –probably because of the fact that most of the people working there are actually family – Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese – calmly doing their work with love and dedication.

    Some are probably wondering how an Asian restaurant can survive in such a place, especially near to Central Station. Well, as the owner said in our interview – “Life is all about risks”. By finding the right match between authenticity and modern motives, the owners have managed to draw the attention of the people crossing the lively streets of Amsterdam. The interior is a perfect example of that – the main space is completely redesigned by the owners, who have chosen a more modern look of the place. Soft brown colors and romantic mute lighting create a sense of comfort and relaxation and the giant aquarium in the middle contributes to that atmosphere. Last but not least is the charming partner of the owner – she actually bonds with the people outside in free-hearted chatter about the virtues of the Asian cuisine bringing a gentle whiff from the distant East.

    This is Lai & Wai – a bridge made of tasty experiences and fragrant odors that gently takes you to a journey to the East, with the silent promise of the exotic savor whiffling around the place.


    Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 4 -10

    1012 RZ Amsterdam

    T. 020-6223800



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