• Sunday, December 5, 2021

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  • Laser 3.14 tags your body


    If you’re used to wondering around the city with eyes wide open, it is more than likely that you’ve come across the street art of Laser 3.14. The anonymous Dutch street artist frequently uses temporary sites like builder’s boards and construction fences for his creations, trying to “utilize the city as his canvas”.

    While Laser 3.14’s passion for graffiti developed early on, he has also experimented with sketching, comic production, illustrations, and poetry. What is more, his latest collaboration with the acclaimed design agency Tjep. has led to an impressive collection of body graffiti jewelry featuring his eponymous tags in silver, gold and titanium.

    Using the latest industrial 3D production techniques, this limited-edition series features necklaces that are produced out of solid titanium and hung on a silver cord.

     Dutch designer Frank Tjepkema, founder of  Tjep., was already fascinated by Laser’s work before the two of them met each other: “I was literally walking around with a screwdriver ready to unscrew one of his works from a construction site fence. I had spotted the text ‘Why are you reading this?’, which in an urban context really pulls away the ground from below your feet, existentially speaking… In any case, when my friend Mark Chalmers from The Garage gallery introduced me to Laser 3.14, I didn’t have to unscrew or steal one of his works from the streets of Amsterdam. I just asked him to tag the wall of my studio, and this is now one of his very few works on a permanent wall! One thing brought another and a complete jewelry collection signed Laser 3.14 is now right at the heart of the Tjep.collection.”

    See the entire Laser 3.14 jewelry collection: www.tjep.com


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