• Saturday, June 25, 2022

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  • Letter from The Editor



    In case you are toying with the idea of visiting Amsterdam, there is no better time to do it than in the summertime. For one thing, you have a sunny chance of escaping the notorious gray rainy days, and for another, Amsterdam plays host to various festivals as also other events that let you have a close-up glimpse of the inimitable Dutch culture.

    Once you arrive in our native city, you’ll find that you can find company in the form of the largest tourist throngs of the year 2013. As every seasoned tourist knows, if you are ready to share the city and endure long lines at attractions, you are sure to be rewarded with pleasant weather, long days, and myriads of outdoor festivals and other activities. With café terraces on every block,10 p.m. sunsets, eating and people-watching alfresco, you’re assured of exciting moments.

    Summer is a good time for a visit to the beaches and Amsterdam is blessed with two kinds: the natural and the man-made. The only difference is that for the former you rush to the north coast and the latter within the confines of the city, take your pick. You can make a day trip to one of those coastal beaches and join the hip crowds at the many notorious beach clubs and live it up, far into the night. And if you feel lazy and don’t want to leave the city because of all its cultural attractions, or you’re short on time, then you can make it to a man-made beach right at the heart of the city. It’s something like having your cake and eat it too.

    But remember! Amsterdam flights and accommodations prices are at their highest in summer and don’t usually go down until around September. This is the height of the season, and you should book your flight tickets and accommodations at least a couple of months in advance, if not earlier.

    Welcome to our welcoming city and enjoy yourself as you’ve never enjoyed before. So have a nice trip and a great holiday in Amsterdam.