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  • Light Festival Through the Lens of Your Camera

    Amsterdam might be one of the best cities on Earth for those fond of photography! Cozy narrow streets, tiny houses with bright facades, hundreds of bridges over canals and thousands of bikes all over the city… An endless source of inspiration! And it’s even better during the Light Festival!

    Starting from December 1, this beautiful festival comes back to town bringing lots of light and joy! Capture its best artworks in pictures during one of the two Light Festival photowalks organized by Amsterdam Photo Club.

    Why Join the Light Festival Photowalk?

    When winter comes and the streets of Amsterdam are all lit up with the colorful lights of the festival, the city looks like it belongs in fairy tales. Take a long walk through the main festival’s route and take a look at this magic through the lens of your camera. Lots of beautiful shots are guaranteed!

    In addition to lovely pictures, a photowalk provides a unique opportunity to meet dozens of like-minded people. This, in turn, means lots of fresh ideas, new sources of inspiration and bigger professional network.

    Sounds much better (and funnier!) than learning photography by the book, doesn’t it?

    Source: Amsterdam Photo Club
    Source: Amsterdam Photo Club

    The Dates of the Photowalks

    Amsterdam Photo Club organizes two Light Festival photowalks: on December 3 and December 17. Check them out on the Meetup website via the links above and register if you’re interested.

    Take into account that the photowalks cover different routes, showcasing different artworks. So each of them is interesting in its way.

    Alongside with these two, the Christmas Market photowalk is also planned for December.

    See here for more events organized by Amsterdam Photo Club.

    Experience the Light Festival yourself and enjoy a 75 minute cruise with audio guide. Get your tickets here.


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