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  • Light and Warmth of Floating Memories

    Is there something in your life that you would like to let go of? Save the date for Floating Memories and join hundreds of Amsterdammers ready to do the same thing. About 1,000 people are going to the Sloterplas on the 19th of March to write down their nagging thoughts on water lanterns and watch those floating away, once and for all.

    The Story Behind Floating Memories

    Have you ever noticed how contagious are other people’s passions? What started as a private event organized by Alex Bakker for his friends, eventually attracted over 18,000 people.

    It all started a year ago when Alex had just ended a 5-year relationship and was entering a new phase of his life. “I wanted to get rid of some thoughts going through my head, so I came up with the idea of Floating Memories and offered my friends to join me”, he tells AmsterDO. “At some point, we decided to make the event public, and over 150 people came to share this experience with us.”

    Since Floating Memories proved successful last year, Alex decided to repeat it in 2017 to celebrate the beginning of spring. Surprisingly enough, thousands of people have expressed their interest this time.

    “I have never planned to make it this huge, but I’m really glad it binds people together,” says Alex. “The idea is to make ourselves a little bit vulnerable and open our hearts to others. Together we will let go of the thoughts nagging at us, letting the important things matter.”

    What to Expect?

    Illistrator: Nanna de Jong

    The event takes place on the Sloterplas on March 19th, from 4 PM till 10 PM. Lanterns can be bought for €5 upon arrival at one of the two entrances. Head to the Lampionnen Werkplaats to decorate your lantern and cover it with all the thoughts and memories you would like to let go of.

    At 8 PM starts the Lampionnen Ceremonie. That is when the lanterns will be sent off into the lake, creating an exceptional and genuinely beautiful “social artwork”. At the end, all of them will be collected from the lake not to cause any harm to the environment.

    In addition to the Lampionnen Ceremonie, expect theater and circus shows, professional dancers and local bands, delicious street food and drinks. Next Sunday, the Sloterplas is turning into a real “playground for both children and adults”. Check out the Floating Memories FB page for the full program and additional info.

    Note that due to safety regulations, the venue has limited capacity: max. 1,000 people at the busiest time of the day, which will probably be around 8 PM, during the Lampionnen Ceremonie. Make sure to come earlier if you want to get a spot.


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