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  • Living on the Water: Amsterdam Houseboat Museum

    One of the best ways to explore Amsterdam is from the water. While the city guests (and most of the locals too!) need to take a boat tour for that, a person living on a typical Amsterdam houseboat gets to enjoy the view whenever they want!

    Many other cities in the Netherlands have houseboats too, but Amsterdam breaks all records with more than 2500 of those lining the canals. Most of the boats are residential. Still, there is one open to the public that offers a glimpse of the life in a ‘floating house’.

    Welcome to the Houseboat Museum!

    The Dutch living-on-the-water phenomenon raises lots of questions. How does everything look like from the inside? Is there enough space to live comfortably? Isn’t the ceiling too low? How is the boat supplied with electricity and water? Is it possible to sail on it?

    So many questions people want answers to! Noticing the curiosity of passers-by, one of the houseboat owners, Vincent van Loon, got an idea to create a houseboat museum, giving people a chance to see how everything works with their own eyes.

    Source: Go By Seeing
    Source: Go By Seeing

    Living on a Canal

    A typical Amsterdam houseboat has everything any other house has, including a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Most of the boats also have terraces where their residents put patio tables and chairs, have dinners, grow plants or even sunbathe in the summer time.

    Naturally, there is water and electricity supply, as well as a postal address and a mailbox. The only difference from an ordinary house is that houseboat residents have boats passing by, and not just people.

    But enough words! The Houseboat Museum has many more surprises. Come and see everything yourself!

    The museum’s located on Prinsengracht 296 K and is open to visitors from 10:00 till 17:00. Visit their official website for more information.

    Finally, you can also book a canal cruise to explore the Amsterdam canals even more and take a closer look at the famous houseboats. Choose from different different cruises


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