Some people wait for miracles to happen, the others become magicians and create their own. Every first Tuesday of the month, the Amsterdam Magic Show invites you to an unforgettable and every time unique performance full of non-stop magic, hearty laughs and surprises.

Welcome to the wonderland where everything is possible! Floating tables? No problem! Some mind-reading? Sure! A mind-reading chicken? Well… come and see for yourself.

Origins of the Amsterdam Magic Show

The Amsterdam Magic Show was founded in 2016 and came to be as an experiment. In early 2016, Alex Blackwood met Fritz with a Z, and the two magicians started discussing how magic was viewed by people.

Alex Blackwood says, “People often tell me they don’t like magic, but when I perform a couple of tricks they find it impressive. The catch is they don’t get a chance to see the good-quality magic up-close. Or they see some on TV and end up believing that it’s just a bunch of camera tricks.”

Striving to change the way people think about magic, Alex and Fritz organized their first show in July 2016. People loved it, and the show has been held on a monthly basis since. “Amsterdam has so much to offer,” says Alex. “Beautiful architecture, rich culture and art, vibrant nightlife… but no magic. Well, until now.”

The Amsterdam Magic Show is the first and only English language magic show in the Dutch capital that combines magic entertainment and comedy, featuring some of the biggest names out there.

Source: The Amsterdam Magic Show

New and Exciting Every Time

The team behind the Amsterdam Magic Show consists of 6 “miracle workers”: co-founders Alex Blackwood and Fritz with a Z, stage magicians Timon Krause, Quintus van Amstel and Arthur Gerards, and close-up magician Aljaz Son. Intended to put Amsterdam “back on the map” in terms of magic, the AMS features magicians, illusionists and mentalists from all over Europe, which makes every single show new and unique.

Performing at the Paleis van de Weemoed, magicians create a very special and intimate atmosphere. No seats are far from the stage, everyone is welcome to participate in conversations and tricks (check if there are any threads or wires!) and there are lots of close-up magic to enjoy, both before and after the show. Just sit back in your chair, take a sip of refreshing prosecco and let the professionals amaze you!

The next show is on November 7th, 2017. Book your tickets on the following link.

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