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    ClubNL, one of Amsterdam’s most popular night clubs. But like any new friend, if you didn’t introduce them to your other friends, it would be might rude.

    History of Club:

    Over seven years ago, a group of friends from the Netherlands visited the United States, where theyst experienced the locally emerging lounge scene.

    Nowadays Club NL is a well-known and highly regarded phenomenon in Amsterdam that caters to a broad range of easy going, style-conscious people. It has entertained numerous international celebrities the likes of Mick Jagger, Naomi Campbell, P. Diddy and many more. Club NL is also a favorite haunt of many well known Dutch soccer players. The founders of Club NL have since their initial success developed conceptsfor well renowned clubs like ‘the Republiek’ in Bloemendaal and ‘Club 13’ in Barcelona. These clubs are now elebrated  for their style and originality within the international club scene.



    Club NL is a uniquely stylish nightclub located in the heart of Amsterdam. With its excellent vibe and easy-going staff it serves as the perfect drinking and dancing joint to spend your nights out.

    But wait, there’s more! Not only is Club NL the ideal place to get your dance floor groove on, they are also well known for their inspired cocktail creations.

    In the early evening you can kick back at Club NL and enjoy one of the latest cocktails from their extensive cocktail list.Not in the mood for a cocktail? There is of course a wide range of liquors from all over the world. The staff behind the bar would be happy to advise you, and help you find the perfect drink for an excellent night out.

    Our goal with this workshop is to let you taste, smell, see

    and feel the art of shaking’’

    ‘’So join us in shaking cocktails during the day, and shaking

    booty throughout the night!’’


    For more information you can visit ClubNL.nl or email info@clubnl.nl



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