• Monday, August 15, 2022

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  • Master of Melancholy: Rembrandt House Museum latest exhibition


    From May 10 to June 29 the Rembrandt House Museum will be hosting a delightful and intimate new exhibition. Master of Melancholy brings to the Netherlands, for the very first time, a series of etchings by talented Italian artist Livio Ceschin. Being the greatest etcher of all time, Rembrandt has influenced Livio in many ways. From the subject matter to printmaking techniques, the Dutch master has been a significant guide for this Venetian artist throughout his career, which began in the early 90’s.

    Some of Rembrandt’s are placed next to Livio’s, enabling us to see how beautifully Rembrandt’s skills survived through the centuries. As a way of practicing and improving his drypoint and aquatint techniques, soon after discovering the art of etching, Livio copied the work of old masters. While studying Rembrandt’s etchings, he felt in love with the landscape genre, which is now the focus of his work. Today we can image what the surroundings of Amsterdam looked like nearly 500 years ago thanks to the legacy left behind by skillful artists who couldn’t help but capture the beauty of the Dutch countryside and urban areas.

    Livio’s etchings show us, once again, how history keeps being documented through the eyes of contemporary artists. For instance, in this exhibition we are invited to unveil the mystery behind Veneto’s landscapes and its unique tenderness and delicacy. Its sublime features remind us of the works of Romanticists who saw the extraordinary aspects of nature. However, it is the simplicity of the images featured in the exhibition that touch us. The picture of branches covered in snow, the vegetation around a lake, forgotten gardens and empty fields: who has never had contact with such banal yet utterly alluring scenes before?

    If you have never visited the Rembrandt House Museum before, now you have two reasons to. If you have, don’t miss out on the chance to see Livio’s works, which will catch your attention through the precision of their details – and most definitely, evoke some of your most enduring memories.

    Book your tickets including audio guide in advance.


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