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  • Meibock Festival: fancy a pint this weekend?

    Fancy a pint? Or maybe quite a few glasses of beer tasting? If the answer is yes, then you are going to love one of the city’s main attractions for the weekend: the Meibock Festival opens its doors for the 16th time on Sunday, April 13th. There’s no better way of trying spring beers than heading to Posthoornkerk, the 19th century church near the Central Station (yes, Amsterdam is that awesome), which no longer holds religious services – but chorals and, occasionally, beer festivals.

    Buy your entrance ticket at the door for €7 (includes €2 deposit for the glass) and enter the post-sacred space where over 40 types of bottled and draught beer will be offered together with snacks to keep you going. Open from 13:00 to 20:00, you will have plenty of time to taste the flavours of beers specially made for spring – although bare in mind that the entrance ticket does not include drinks.


    The festival is brought to us by a partnership between PINT(Promotie Informatie Traditioneel Bier) North Holland and Amsterdam’s Brewery Prael. Although they are proud to offer well known beers, their main attractions are “especially the less known”, as they note on their website.

    Meibock (“May bock”) is described by PINT as a kind of beer that is “traditionally dark-amber or light blonde with a hint of bitterness, sweet or fruity undertones”. As if going to a 19th century church for beer tasting wasn’t an experience in itself, I’m sure you are also tempted to try this specific kind of beer, produced in the Netherlands and abroad. Now is the time to give it a go, too, as they can only be placed on the market for three months from March 21st.


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