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  • Millionth visitor to Anne Frank House


    Twelve-year-old Yara Bos from Haarlem was recently surprised to find that she was the one millionth visitor this year to walk through the door of Anne Frank House, the popular war-time museum in Amsterdam.

    The museum received a record number of 1,152,986 visitors in 2012 and this year that record is likely to be broken again.

    Most of those visitors are young and have come here from abroad with only around 12 per cent being local Dutch visitors.

    During a half-term autumn break from school, Yara was spent a day in Amsterdam with her family and visited the Anne Frank House. She said that she was interested in the secret annex at the house among other aspects of it.

    Yara, Millionth visitor Anne Frank House, was given a copy of the Diary of Anne Frank. She also saw the museum’s new construction kit for the first time and herself added a piece to it.

    Annelies Marie Frank was born in 1929 in Frankfurt and lived most of her life in Amsterdam with her family. During the Nazi occupation of Holland, she and her family hid for two years in concealed rooms in the house that is now a museum, where Anne wrote a diary.

    Discovered by Nazi soldiers, she was taken to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where she died in 1945. Millionth visitor Anne Frank House

    Are you planning on visiting the museum? Make your experience even better and join a canal cruise afterwards! See here for tickets. Millionth visitor Anne Frank House

    The Anne Frank House represent a very important place for millions around the world, from Religion based followers up to cultural followers. Recently even movies have recognize the importance of the Diary in School libraries, where the courage and sacrifices described in the book have given more than one reason to keep fighting for improvement in their lives to students all over the world.


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