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  • Minicards: The Smart Way to Save Some Cash


    If you are looking for ways to save money during your stay in Amsterdam, Minicards might just be the thing for you. Minicards are small, handy sized cards with printed information and discounts for different attractions, bars and restaurants and can be found in hotels, campsites, bungalow parks, and even at some of the places you plan on visiting.

    The idea came about after the owners of Minicards, Rick Blom and Arnold Gruppen noticed companies were having difficulties getting their fliers or brochures into hotels and that because of that there was a gap in the market in Amsterdam. Rick said: `There was a challenge to think of something else which could be more organised, interesting in design, and more receptive for hotels’  The concept was taken, and Minicards was created in in 2000. Arnold told me: `We talked to a lot of people about it and somebody said, you have to standardise it, somebody else said bore a hole in it, and add discounts. We listened.’

    It worked, and since starting in Amsterdam, Minicards is now an international brand in over 30 different countries and several different cities including New York, London, Barcelona, and of course Amsterdam. It is one of largest conceptual companies in the world, when it comes to informing tourists. It is also nationwide in the Netherlands.

    Arnold said `We try to show a variety of things that you can do in the city so if you are interested in going to a museum and then having a beer then well, you’ll find both. People always take 5 or 6 Minicards and then they are set to go into the city.’

    Of course, having the cards is not the only way to use them. They also have an android and iPhone app and a web app (mobile website) which are really easy to use. It is location-based which means that you can see companies closeby to you offering discounts, so if you’re looking for a bite to eat, or something to do, and don’t know where to go, the app will give you some ideas. Because of a partnership with TomTom and Nokia (their product Here), you can also find Minicards on your navigation system.

    Another initiative that is slowly being rolled out across Minicards, and is already available in Amsterdam is that you can also buy tickets to different attractions in conjunction with the discounts, which saves you some time, and cash.

    For more information on Minicards, please visit their website or download one of their apps



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