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  • Moeders: Welcome Home to Traditional Dutch Supper

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    If you’ve been searching for that perfect place to take your mother, wife, or girlfriend on her birthday for some specially made home cooked Dutch cuisine, search no further than Moeders on the corner of Rozengracht and Nassaukade (Rozengracht 251 to be precise).

    Recently we sat down with restaurateur Jurriaan van der Reijden, who explained how the charming Restaurant Moeders came to be.  “Twenty-three years ago, yes I believe it was 1990, we decided to make a restaurant where you could eat some really nice homey food.”  The name, Jurriaan explains, stems not only from their desire to cultivate a feeling of hominess—or, as the Dutch say, gezellig—but also to honor all the mothers of the world whose tender home cooking has nourished us throughout the years.

    The décor of Moeders is like no other.  In honor of mother’s everywhere, Jurriaan and his team accept portraits and photos (framed and unframed) of their patrons’ mothers (they are currently accepting pictures of mothers, so bring yours in today!).  The walls are literally covered in portraits, along with other humorous motherly accoutrements such as dishrags hanging out to dry and a large brassiere.

    Everything there is to say about Moeders is in the name.  Where are we eating tonight?  At Mother’s of course!  The cuisine choices come from tried and true recipes of Jurriaan’s own mother and of his mother-in-law.  For those out-of-towner’s who miss their own mother’s cooking, they even offer international dishes including Italian and curry.  On the menu card, you’ll find a simple layout with recipes including Annie’s Dishes (€15), Betty’s Dishes (€17), and Corry’s Dishes (€19) or you can opt for the three course menu which includes a starter plus a dessert for €26.50, €28.50, and €30.50 respectively.

    Moeders dishes are no flash-in-the-pan fast food.  Stop by for some flavorful slow cooked meals, where the beef is braised and then simmered for hours in the traditional Dutch stew.  According to Jurriaan, “Every mother has her own secret recipe and so we chose recipes that every Dutch person would recognize their own mother’s cooking a little bit.”

    We opted for one of the three course recipes and we weren’t disappointed!  A traditional Dutch “rijstafel” (more like a banquet!) is prepared on tiny plates donated by the original patrons back when the restaurant first opened in 1990.  This gives Moeders the feeling of the warm cozy kitchen most of us grew up in because like the traditional Dutch meal Hotchpotch or Stompot (potatoes mashed with vegetables and a of side sausages), the cutlery is itself something of a hotchpotch.  That is, every unique piece of mismatched plating and cutlery adds its own charm to your experience.

    If you want to try the kind of food that Dutch people actually eat in their homes, try Moeders, where you’re always welcomed home.

    Open Monday-Friday from 17.00 to 24.00 and Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 to 24.00.  From May till September, there’s a sunny terrace so you can enjoy your meal by the canal.  For large groups reservations can be made online by calling 020-6267957.


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