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  • Most Obscure Museums

    At Amsterdo we’re dedicated to bringing you fresh and alternative views and things to do in Amsterdam. We’re serious about showing you other possibilities of what this city has to offer.

    So we went to the sagely council of local elders, and we asked them to come up with a series of TOP 5 lists. Having sat witness to all the ebbs and flows of Amsterdam’s 800 year history, we figured there was no better group of fictional characters that we just made up to decree what the TOP 5 of anything in this city could be. Each month we will bequeath to you, the people, one of these lists as handed to us by the elders. This month: the most obscure museums in Amsterdam.

    National Museum of Spectacles
    Location: Gasthiusmolensteeg 7

    Are you an avid fan of the humble spectacle ? Then this is the museum for you. Located in one of the famous 9 Streets, this most esoteric and obscure of museums has the most brilliantly displayed collection of spectacles imaginable. They also divulge you with the important facts of spectacled history, you’ll see!
    Source: Amsterdam.info

    Pipe Museum
    Location: Prinsengracht 488

    Pipes, lots and lots of pipes, thousands of them are displayed beautifully, enhancing the already existent splendor of this 17th century patrician house. The facts stand alone for this museum, which has been recognised as having the best pipe collection in Europe by the Dutch Museum Register, and the best in the Netherlands by the Dutch Ministry of Culture. Are you a pipe enthusiast? Check it out!

    museum-extraordinaire-amsterdam-pipe-museum-13Source: Cleeft

    Pianola Museum
    Location: Westerstraat 106

    Do you know what a Pianola is? We didn’t either, until we went to the Pianola Museum! It’s a self-playing piano, an early 20th century version of the music box. There is some skill  involved, however, in playing the Pianola. You not only have to insert the paper scrolls with  the inscribed music, but also control the tempo. This museum is surely one of the foremost  of its kind in the world, and about as obscure as they come. With 15 original instruments and thousands of scrolls, it’ll be something you can…ah…tell your grandkids about.


    Museum of Bags and Purses
    Location: Herengracht 573
    This is the private collection of determined handbag enthusiast, Hendrikje Ivo. The 3000+ handbags on display make this serious business. A heavenly prospect for many, for others it  might seem an arduous ordeal to mount on top of the already tedious notion of going to a museum. To us, it just shows the diversity of Amsterdam. You’ll also find here a café as well as a gift shop…selling handbags.

    tassenmuseumSource: LINDAnieuws

    Bible Museum
    Location: Herengracht 366-368

    Admittedly, the first thought that pops into one’s head is of a giant room, empty but for a single book in the centre. Actually, one wonderful thing about this museum is its  exterior. Located in twin 17th century patrician homes, the façade is a classic example of Amsterdam’s beautiful architectural heritage. As for the museum itself, well it’s obviously
    not for everyone – with life sized models of biblical scenes, as well as a focus on how the bible has influenced Dutch history. It’s pretty obscure, and so it makes our list.

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