• Monday, September 20, 2021

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  • Movie: Going Dutch

    Actor Mark van Eeuwen introduces his beloved The Netherlands, by cycling and popping up his blond and handsome face on the screen, in the informative film Going Dutch, produced last year by CityFilm.

    Premiered last November at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, this 24-minute promotional film can now be seen on many broadcasting channels through 2014.

    There is of course plenty to promote and celebrate for just being Dutch. Holland’s successes are innumerable and can be seen in art, history, sports, food, music, the spirit of commerce and craftsmanship.

    Presenter Van Eeuwen travels across the country to try to give a sample the complete picture of a vibrant nation with its hard-working and creative people, and shows the varied wonderful scenery appreciated by its people and visitors.

    He visits the Van Gogh Museum, shows how the famous cheese and clogs are made and speaks with the Dutch national football team, just to name a few of his travels.

    Made for NBTC Holland Marketing, and introduced at the premiere by CEO of CityFilm Jeroen Klinkers, the film will pass on its good information at Dutch embassies around the world to prospective visitors and international students, who then should be all too eager to go Dutch.


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