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  • Museumnacht 2013

    Lucky for you Amsterdo-ers, Amsterdam’s annual Museum Night (Museumnacht) is just around the corner, and the world-renowned museums in Museum Square are among the 50 participating venues in this year’s celebration-of-the-arts event. The uber-modern Stedelijk, newly renovated Rijksmuseum and evolving art styles of Van Gogh are sure to unveil the aspiring artists inside of you, while the intoxicating House of Bols and brilliant Diamond Museum just outside the square will finish off your night of museum-musing with a pleasant dose of imbibing and glitz.

    Every first Saturday in November (this year falls on November 2), arty locals and tourists have the opportunity to experience Amsterdam’s thriving museum culture — until 2 a.m.! Museums come to life on this spectacular evening, showcasing what a culturally rich metropolis Amsterdam truly is. I can’t wait to see what offbeat surprises, new activities and bespoke routes Museum Night-organizer N8 has creatively prepared for us all this year. If the event is anything like last year’s, just imagine walking ghosts, 18th-century soirees, and salsa workshops in Rembrandt’s house.

    Join me on a brief journey through Amsterdam’s museum quarter and take a peek into last year’s museum night. Buy your tickets before they sell out!

    Stedelijk Museum


    Van Gogh Museum

    House of Bols

    House of Bols will be open until 1 a.m. on Museum Night. The last tour will take place at midnight. Free entrance and €6.50 cocktails!

      Diamant Museum

    I’ve yet to visit the Diamond Museum but can only imagine what dazzling displays exist inside. This will be a definite stop on my museum route this year, as Museum Night visitors have the chance of winning a diamond ring! What a splendid, sparkly tradition. Image: Panoramio


    Now for a glimpse into Museum Night 2012…

    Museum Willet-Holthuysen
    Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis
    Museum van Loon
    FOAM’s twist on family Van Loon’s 17th-century decor

    Last year, we museum riffraff had the pleasure of witnessing the opulent lifestyles of some of the most affluent families in Amsterdam. Above, the 19th-century mansion of the art-sophisticated, worldly-wise Willets; a musical soiree inside the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, an 18th-century Amsterdam palace; and a peek into family Van Loon’s palatial home.

    Interested in a museum outing after Museum Night? Consider purchasing the museum card, which grants you free access and discounts to museums throughout the Netherlands. It unfortunately won’t get you a free Museum Night ticket, but you can use your Museum Night booklet to help you explore the Amsterdam museum scene whenever you choose. Your Museum Night wristband will also allow you €1 off at participating cinemas on Sunday, November 3 and one free museum visit until December 31. Enjoy Museumnacht 2013!


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