Like any city that has its origins in the thirteenth century, Amsterdam keeps quite a few secrets. Mystery City Games give you a chance to reveal some of them while solving puzzles and discovering the city’s hidden gems. Do you have what it takes to play?

The Novelty of Mystery City Games

Mystery City Games are interactive outdoor games with the spirit of a treasure hunt and the puzzles of an escape room. They are historically accurate and well-researched, which means players solve real-life mysteries.

The rules are simple. Groups of 3-5 players are given a set of tactile props and a fixed amount of time to solve the mystery. To succeed, they have to take a stroll around the city, collecting clues from the architecture of Amsterdam.

Mystery City Games were created by Geert and Emilie, two friends who wanted to play Da Vinci Code in real life and spent enough time in the city archive to dig up a few well-hidden stories.

“We wanted to create something we would want to do if we were travellers,” says Geert. “Something unique, a tour you would never find in a normal guidebook.”

The Mystery of A Secret Sender

The Mystery of A Secret Sender is the very first game created by Geert and Emilie. Given the letters of A Secret Sender, you’re challenged to uncover his identity as you learn more and more about the occult group he once belonged to.

The game takes you back to the Golden Age Amsterdam and makes you solve puzzles involving some of the city’s best-known landmarks. You’ll notice things you’ve never had before. You’ll race against the clock and laugh with your fellow explorers. You won’t simply learn the city’s history – you’ll discover it!

Practical Tips for Players  

  • The more players you have on your team, the easier it will be to solve the mystery.
  • Mystery City Games are meant for groups of 3-5 people, but it’s still possible to play if there are more than 5 of you. Just split into two teams and compete against each other!
  • You’ll have some walking to do, so put on comfy clothes and shoes.
  • While playing, ask for a hint if you’re stuck with something.