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  • New Food Fair September 7 – 2013


    The sixteenth edition of New Food Fair 2013 is due to be held on September 7 and once again the theme of this well-known culinary extravaganza is food and drinks. The event occupies the whole length of the coziest shopper’s paradise of Amsterdam, the Haarlemmerdijk and Haarlemmerstraat. It is a veritable foodie’s delight and the two bustling straats are closed to all traffic, with the full area transforming into a dynamic dining spot as well as a vibrant market.

    The entire day is focused on nothing but food and drinks. All companies or organizations worth their salt, and dealing in matters culinary, are sure to have their presence there. You can see their chairs and tables, put out to receive customers, outside the premises.
    You can see the ubiquitous delicatessen shop and the snack bar, the juice bar as also the Turkish restaurant vying with each other to welcome visitors. Moving from one stall to another and sitting at the tables, you can sip a glass of champagne here, and a ‘Bara’ there, an munch an oyster here and some Tome d’Auvergne there. Come evening, the vast outdoor dinners and the hundreds of persons sitting on the very streets to consume their favorite dishes, will remind you of an Italian classic movie, for they have come to eat, taste, drink and be merry.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the bars as well as restaurants will be out there to show off their delicious culinary concoctions in the form of a plethora of food and drinks.

    With the The New Food Fair 2013, turning itself into an extensive alfresco dining area, replete with delicious street meals, you know just where to head for, on the savory day of September 7, if you happen to be in Amsterdam!

    Bon appetite!


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