• Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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  • New Hotel in the Iconic Industria Building

    The Industria building, situated on the Dam Square and infamous for its monumental status and business club, is in talks about the potential for adding a new luxury boutique hotel. Despite the recent ban the Amsterdam council has put on building any new hotels in the central vicinity, it appears to be making an exception in this case. According to a spokesman for the central district, the plans and hotel policies were discussed with Amsterdam property group Emmes. The exception is made on the grounds that only unique hotels and existing hotel plans will be able to be constructed.



    The new hotel will consist of a total of 34 rooms and take up the top 4 floors of the Industria building forcing the business club ‘Industrieele Groote Club’, to forfeit one of its 3 floors which make up the middle section of the building. The club appears to be supportive of the intended hotel, as it can provide a place to stay for members and visiting partners. The top floors of the building have remained empty for a considerable amount of time, making it ideal for the use of a new hotel in Amsterdam’s ever popular Dam square.

    The Industria building was originally designed by architect Foeke Kuipers in 1912, and constructed between 1913 and 1916 as a building for De Industrieele Club members to gather and discuss trade and industry. For construction to be possible a number of old buildings had to be removed. During this time a derelict lock was discovered and was the basis for the legend of the gunpowder barge, which also led to the tradition of having children beat drums at the Amsterdam Stock exchange.

    With such a rich place in history and its unbeatable location it will certainly attract tourists and visitors of the city. All is not set in stone though considering that there are still open permits that have yet to be applied for.

    Image: ANP


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