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  • New Volkshotel in Amsterdam!

    In 1962, the offices of Wibautstraat 150 were home to the popular and historically controversial newspaper of the Netherlands, De Volkskrant. Now, fitted with 172 designer-decorated hotel rooms, a rooftop terrace, rooftop saunas and hot tubs, 4 dance studios, 15 music studios, an exhibition space, basement nightly cocktail bar Doka and Canvas restaurant and nightclub (among a few other public and creative spaces to fill the building), Wibautstraat 150 is an icon for cultural progression and enterprise, without forgetting to keep an eye on its roots. In 2007 when De Volkskrant relocated their offices elsewhere in the city, the historical building, which housed the newspapers headquarters for nearly 45 years, was confronted with a doomed fate. Proposed to face demolition soon after the buildings vacancy, the non-profit foundation Urban Resort established their foundation’s first project to spare the buildings demise and utilize the valuable property for creative workspaces, placed under agreement for the next 10 years. At the rear of the building, the squat rents to and accommodates nearly 250 creatives, more information here.

    image: volkshotel.nl

    Thanks to those who believed in the cultural and creative value of the buildings conservation, the new Volkshotel in the East District is able to open their doors of the co-op building on the 27 of June. Each room gives a subtle ode to the hotel’s predecessors, where you’ll find details of newspaper clippings on lampshades, shower curtains and wall hangings. Rooms vary in 5 sizes and prices from “small and sweet” to “not big, but massive” and guest occupancy for up to 4 overnighters, vacationers, honeymooners or whatever your excuse to be a guest at the Volkshotel. However, if you’re looking for something a little more exclusive and a little less form-fitted, the Volkshotel has 9 “special rooms”, each tastefully and distinctively designed by 9 talented designers. Some of the more unconventional include the “White Bike Room”, a “gezellig” experience where one sleeps in a big bakfiets and is provided with two bikes to cycle around Amsterdam.  Or perhaps “Cinema Boudoir”, fitted with your own popcorn machine, where the two of you can watch a movie from anywhere in the room. Among others you’ll find a suspended bed, an indoor camping experience, a room for those who seek adventure even in taking a bath, or for the music lover, provided with vinyls, CDs and cassettes. You’ll want to book 9 separate nights just to experience them all.

    image: facebook.com/canvasopde7e

    Also undergoing a slight makeover, restaurant and nightclub ‘Canvas op de 7e’ is scheduled to reopen with a brand-new 360° terrace view of Amsterdam, as well as the relaunch of popular basement haven for nightclubbers, cocktail-bar Doka. On the 29th, Canvas will serve its first lunch and dinner since remodel. Though it’s not encouraged, you won’t really need to leave the new Volkshotel to experience the best of Amsterdam hotspots. Soon to be the talk of the town, the Volkshotel is a new invention in hospitality and ingenuity.

    To be part of the excitement yourself, the official opening will kick off at 21.00 on the night of June 27th, with a secret program and the very first look into one of Amsterdam’s most creative hotels. Followed by a weekend full of open house events including Volksfest and Volksmarathon, with theatre, exhibitions and musical performances on June 28th. Ticket information for Volksfest be found here and you can keep up with more information regarding the Volkshotel opening on Facebook.


    Wibautstraat 150

    1091 GR Amsterdam


    Images: volkshotel.nl




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