• Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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  • NYE Crazy Wonderland Party at the Koepelkerk Church

    Crazy Wonderland NYE Party at the Koepelkerk Amsterdam. Step into the enchanting world of craziness and happiness. Enter a world, where time has no meaning, and meaning makes no sense.

    For the last 10 years Lloyd & Acardi has been organising the biggest theme NYE parties in Amsterdam

    This year Mr Lloyd came together with Mrs Acardi at the gardens of Babylon whilst drinking some small perfumed green drink and eating some neon pink pastries. They decided to be rather creative than selfish. This year it was about time to raise the bar and let their inner talking-bunny take over time and reality.

    5 different Area’s in the Koepelkerk will bring the full Crazy Wonderland experience to Amsterdam during NYE New Year’s Eve on the most absurd night of all times;

      •  The Wicked Ballroom by Miss Bunty
    •  Mad Tea Party by the Mad Hatter
    •  World of Balloons by Into the fruits
    •  The Eclectic Gardens
    •  Flamingo Cricket Room

    Crazy Wonderland, A mad crazy wonderful idea!


    White rabbits, Funky Alices, Timeless Clocks, Mad Hatters, Croquet playing Flamingos, Red Queens, Dodgy Twiddles, Kings of Hearts, Cheshire Cats, Catterpillars, lots of Dodos and more and more Madness.

    DJ’s & Acts

    5 different Area’s in the Koepelkerk will bring the full Crazy Wonderland atmosphere
    to Amsterdam during New Year’s Eve on the most absurd night of Amsterdam.

    The Wicked Ballroom
    “Crazy Chaos Atmosphere”

    Hosted by
    The Red Queen AKA Miss Bunty

    Wicked Miss Bunty
    Bart Thimbles
    Sheila Hill
    Mike Scot
    Frederik Abas

    Mad Tea Party by Levante
    Live Music & Strange tea party conversations

    Hosted by
    Eva Bartels, Merante, Jazzy Derk & Amadeus

    Jazzy Derk (Live set)
    Eva Bartels

    World of Balloons
    Balloons & Fruits. What else?!

    Hosted by
    Into the Fruits

    Guy Gravier
    Carte Blanche
    Pierre August
    Two Minds

    The Eclectic Gardens
    Sweltering RnB Classics & Greatest Hits of the past

    Deniz Alpay Hitmeister D

    Flamingo Cricket Room

    Playing Flamingo Cricket with
    the most strange figures you have ever seen.
    Find the Rabbit Hole that leads you to the green dungeon of
    Grass were the biggest golf-dreams come true and
    hedgehogs are the biggest competition.


    Hurry Rabbit (early bird)
    €  66,02
    Mad Hatter Dinner Tickets
    (Walking dinner)
    €  55,00
    Mad Hatter Dinner + Party Tickets
    (Walking dinner)
    €  121,00
    Second Release €  72,51
    Third Release €  77,11

    Book your tickets here

    For VIP Tables

    Sitting Tables on Balcony. Standing Tables in main hall.
    Please contact vip@lloyd-acardi.com


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