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  • Oh, yes, it’s Ladies Night at Pathé — Vapiano style

    Oh, what a night! Monday evening, for the very first time in Ladies Night history, pizza-pasta bar Vapiano Rembrandtplein and Pathé De Munt teamed up for an unbelievable femme-only event in Amsterdam. We ladies — or, more fittingly, queens — paid a mere €19 for an undo-your-top-pant-button five-course Italian meal including a lush elderflower welcome mojito, an impressive gastro-goody bag, Vapiano’s most popular dessert, and a trip to the cinema for an exclusive “Don Jon” premiere! And with a bare-chested man as our film-greeter and handsome servers in our private theater, we ladies couldn’t have asked for more. If only men could get in on this dinner-and-a-movie deal — date nights would be so much cheaper!


    Doors opened at 6 p.m., white ribbons were tied to our wrists, and we were seated in what seemed like the VIP section of Vapiano. What started off as a dainty dinner turned into a family-style feast. Next time, I’m skipping lunch.


    Follow on for a mouthwatering photo feed…


    Women of all ages came to be spoiled.
    Looky here, it’s Amsterdo!
    An impressive olive tree served as our centerpiece…

    …and the backdrop to our fragrant welcome drinks and goodies: a fresh rosemary plant, generous bottle of olive oil, chili flakes and two vouchers for free coffee and bruschetta all worth an easy €15

    Thinking our lavish cocktails and gifts were going to be the highlight of the evening, we were in no way prepared for what was about to come. 

    Course one: crispy, garlicky bruschetta
    Course two: hot tomato soup with basil
    Course three: pizza. Trays and trays of savory flavors were passed around. I opted for a piece of the parma-and-fig pie — delizioso! I also tried a grilled vegetable slice that was equally as yummy.
    Course four: pasta. Above is a rich bolognese, which I’ve ordered with whole wheat fusilli many a times at Vapiano. But now, after having tried several other scrumptious sauces, bolognese may have to compete with light carbonara to become my new regular pasta order!Courses three and four just kept on coming. I think at one point we were all wondering how on earth we were going to get ourselves to the movies. By rolling? Being carried by one of the servers?And then came the sweet stuff.

    Course five was Vapiano’s most-ordered dessert: creamy mascarpone with fresh strawberries. Heavenly!At around 7:30 our extravagant five-course meal came to a close, and we all queued up to pay literally pennies for our regal spread. (FYI: Vapiano’s clever card system makes it easy for groups of friends to dine together. No need to “go Dutch” and work out how to split the bill!) After ringing up our individual cards, the ladies and I moseyed on over to the film premiere.


    A fit man wearing a bow tie for a shirt led us to our private showing of “Don Jon.”


    Suave servers came around with diamond-shaped chocolate mousse treats right before the film began.
    Oh, the perks of being a lady.
    Fancy being treated like royalty, too? Make sure to make an appearance at the upcoming Ladies Night de Luxe on Wednesday, October 9. For this event, ladies pay €20 for a movie ticket plus prosecco and fancy apps, popcorn and a drink, and an updated goody bag. My girlfriends and I will be attending this luxe showing of rom-com “About Time” at Pathé Buitenhof in Den Haag. Vapiano happens to be in the same square, so we’ll be reenacting Monday night’s fabulous dinner-and-a-movie duo next week!


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