• Thursday, October 28, 2021

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  • Orchid Beach Resort & Spa Lebanon


    Situated in Jiyeh, Lebanon and only 25 minutes from Beirut’s central district, Orchid Beach Resort is a unique beach experience in Lebanon, breaking records and redefining the ideas of luxury. What makes orchid different? What makes them the ultimate beach resort? Orchid focuses on the senses and approaches guests with a holistic experience that covers every aspect of the body, mind and soul.

    Its unique design and open architecture covered in shades of white gives the hotel a very Zen atmosphere. With the help of the location along the white sandy coast of Jiyeh, it is one of the sunniest and cloud free areas in Lebanon and is secluded from outside noise and disturbances.


    The Resort

    Guests can choose from 4 different types of huts including the Royal Hut, ideal for celebrations and gatherings with a 120 square meter area and Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi Huts are perched on infinity water decks overlooking the spectacular sea and includes a private sundeck and dining area. Pool and beach huts have a private sundeck also and the Martini Hut is a 30 meter square private hut right above the resorts main pool.


    Serving contemporary and innovative creations, Orchid offers its guests an 80 seat restaurant to delight in the extravagant and delicious international menu and extensive wine list. Alternatively, guest can enjoy a delicious cocktail at the Martini Terrazza while chatting with friends and relaxing in the afternoon sunset.



    The resort also features an exclusive spa for guests to indulge in a world of rest and relaxation. Professional masseuses perform innovative treatments from quick facials, scrubs, massages and the resorts signature treatments so guests can feel rejuvenated and pampered.

    For more information and reservations you can follow them on Facebook or call 00961 3 040420.
    Orchid Luxury Resort
    Jiyeh coastal road
    Jiyeh, Lebanon