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  • Over het IJ Festival

    Amsterdam-Noord and the NDSM Wharf have consistently proven to be a playground for the more artistically experimental entrepreneurs of Amsterdam. With local favorite hotspots such as Pllek and Nooderlicht, the NDSM shipyard will open their beloved waterside turf for an eleven-day celebration of theater culture, accompanied with some delicious local bites and DJs. Because most of the Wharf’s unique establishments are built almost exclusively from shipping containers, some of the performances are sure to amuse and provide a little intimacy as they can be held inside these compact tin vessels. A plethora of these juxtaposed containers stacked as skyscrapers will welcome you into a city of zany theatrical energy where you may be asked to become part of the spectacle yourself. From July 3rdto 13th young, talented actors (both scripted and improv theatre), poetics, dancers, and entertainers have thoughtfully curated a selection of site-specific performances that will whisk you away from the normalcy of your workweek.

    For the 2014 edition of Over het IJ, urbanization will become the central theme to the festival program. Not only made to question and interrogate the notion of city landscapes and a booming presence of habitants in these areas, but a critique on how these ideas affect human progression. Along with the aptitude of celebrated and seasoned theatre groups and directors, the festival will nourish recent graduates and 4th year theatre students from all around the Netherlands with a foundation in which to showcase their blossoming talent. You’ll find these 15-minute productions hosted inside the 3x5m ‘zeecontainers’, collectively, yet independently, baring a message in mind for a “City of the Future”. Be aware that some of the acts may only be performed in Dutch (noted on the program beforehand).

    You can find program timetables, descriptions about the acts, and purchase tickets online here. Tickets can be purchased for each individual theatrical up to two hours before they’re set to stage and range from €4 to €15. However, you are welcome on the festivals grounds free-of-charge during opening hours. Get to the NDSM Wharf from Central Station in just 10 minutes by hopping on the free ferry, just behind the station on the IJ River, going to “NDSM-Werf”. It runs until 00:30 from Sunday to Thursday, and 00:00 on Friday and Saturday. 

    Over het IJ Festival

    TT Neveritaweg 61, Amsterdam

    Images: overhetij.nl



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